Torneo Cibernetico (10-13-2017)

Torneo Cibernetico (10-13-2017)

Torneo Cibernetico

October 13, 2017
Arena Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico
CMLL Super Viernes
Leyenda de Plata Semi-Final

If you want to see one million dives that don’t mean anything, this match is for you.  A lot of athleticism on display and crowd was into it, however all the moves didn’t really sink in because they were all sewn together like a jambalaya.  Also, there were a few blown spots, although that’s to be expected with this many men in the match.

The visual of a guy standing there for 5 seconds as he waits for the other guy to jump off the top rope and give him a huracanrana is just ridiculous.  Can you at least pretend to be pre-occupied with something else so you don’t look so stupid?  It happens in American wrestling too, so it’s not just a lucha thing.

Match begins at the 1:20:00 mark:

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