Torneo Reyes del Aire Elimination (9-23-2016)

Torneo Reyes del Aire Elimination (9-23-2016)

Volador Jr vs Dragon Rojo vs La Mascara vs Mascara Dorada vs Valiente vs Maximo Sexy vs Negro Casas vs Dragon Lee vs Cavernario vs Mistico vs Mephisto

September 23, 2016
Arena Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico
CMLL Reyes del Aire
Torneo Cibernetico Elimination Match

This was friggin’ awesome, with a few dozen dives and topes done in such an unbelievable pace that it was almost 30 minutes of bodies flying everywhere.

Everyone looked great, though the aging Negro Casas didn’t do as much as the others, obviously. Mascara Dorada, who is Gran Metalik in WWE, is something special. Dragon Lee was unmasked, but his face was quickly covered up and the mask was tied back on. It came down to Cavernario, Mephisto, and Volador. After Volador pinned Mephisto, everyone figured it was down to he and Cavernario, but the match was stopped abruptly. Those two will wrestle next time, but that was never explained and it came off flat.

I’d give this either ****1/4 or even ****1/2, and I thought Dave Meltzer rated it too low. Just an awesome aerial display. Video is slightly choppy but still very watchable.

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