Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne (1-15-2017)

Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne (1-15-2017)

Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne

January 15, 2017
Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, Lancashire, England
WWE UK Championship Tournament
UK Championship Finals

This was the final match of the UK tournament, and it couldn’t have gone any better. The storyline was Tyler Bate’s shoulder was a mess, all taped up for the added realism effect.

Pete Dunne was superb and it’s hard to believe he’s only 23. Well, it’s easy to believe if you look at his young face, acne and all. But in terms of in-ring proficiency, he’s good well beyond his years. That goes double for Bate, who’s still a teenager.

They worked a solid psychological match, building to the big spot where Bate, with his bad shoulder, lifted Dunne for a power bomb. People popped for that spot because of all they had done to build to it. The Fosbury flop dive was the other big spot, and they traded some big moves towards the end before Bate got the win. The drama over who would win really made the match more exciting, as the stakes were high. Big success for the company on this night, and judging by the crowd reaction, Bate was the right guy to win. Now let’s hope his height (about 5’-5” in real life) doesn’t stop him, or better yet, let’s hope he eeks out a couple more inches before he stops growing altogether.

Match is only available on the WWE Network, but here’s a clip:

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