Valiente vs Volador Jr (10-28-2016)

Valiente vs Volador Jr (10-28-2016)

Valiente vs Volador Jr

October 28, 2016
Arena Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico
CMLL Super Viernes
Universal Tournament of Champions Final

This was simply excellent, and had it been in the Cruiserweight Classic with English commentary and American production, people would’ve been raving about it as the match of the year. But in the context of CMLL, it was just another great main event at Arena Mexico.

As with the previous match on this list, it was a Mexican holiday (Dia de la Muerte, or Day of the Dead) and everyone was dressed up from the wrestlers, fans, referee (which was funny), and ring girls (which was friggin’ hot). The first two falls were quick and predictable, as is always the case. But the third fall is when things got kicked up a notch.

Valiente is short, thick, and very muscular. For his body type, his endurance and athleticism are very impressive. Volador Jr is probably the biggest star in CMLL right now, and very popular among women (a few of which were shown on camera often chanting his name). He was expected to win this match, and because he didn’t, it was considered a big upset because Valiente isn’t one of the top pushed babyfaces.

Heat was great as the match built, and the near falls got a big reaction. Tons of great dives and moves from both competitors, and this was a face vs face match in which the dynamic in Mexico usually isn’t this heated. But this was superb.

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