Volador Jr vs Barbaro Cavernario (1-21-2018)

Volador Jr vs Barbaro Cavernario (1-21-2018)

Volador Jr vs Barbaro Cavernario

January 21, 2018
Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan
NJPW Fantastica Mania (Day 7)
NWA Historic Welterweight Championship

While this really wasn’t all that different from their numerous great bouts in Mexico City in terms of what they did in the ring, the presentation was a refreshing change because Japanese crowds respond more to the big moves than Mexican crowds do.  As a result, the heat was very strong.  Funniest part was the luncha horns blasting in the background during the whole match.

Volador was his usual great self, while Cavernario remains a masochist with that splash off the top rope to the outside floor.  Someone is going to need double knee surgery at some point.  I love lucha matches outside of Mexico, they come off so much better.

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