Volador Jr vs Cavernario (10-7-2016)

Volador Jr vs Cavernario (10-7-2016)

Volador Jr vs Cavernario

October 7, 2016
Arena Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico
CMLL Super Viernes
NWA Welterweight Championship

The heat in this match was unreal, and I kept having to turn down the television because it was so deafening. Cavernario destroyed his body in this match with two very high splashes to the floor, and one has to question is sanity in doing moves like that. Volador Jr, in comparison, has spectacular moves but delivers them far more safely. In fact, he has the best huracanrana in the business, and takes very little punishment when he does it.

They built to an exciting third fall with near falls that popped the crowd, and these two work really well together with excellent execution. For some reason the actual finish is missing in this link, but otherwise 99% of the match is here, and it’s awesome.

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