Volador Jr vs Cavernario (6-20-2017)

Volador Jr vs Cavernario (6-20-2017)

Volador Jr vs Cavernario

June 20, 2017
Arena Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico
CMLL Super Viernes
NWA Welterweight Championship

This was your typical match between the two that was simultaneously atypical, if that’s possible. They’ve worked together so many times that their transitions are crisp and their moves look solid. However they also “toned it down,” at least by lucha standards, to where each spot meant more than usual. Some would disagree with that, though that’s how it came across to me.

Crowd was red hot for this, with the obligatory overuse of crowd shots that CMLL is infamous for. Volador did his usual spectacular array of athletic maneuvers, just fewer of them (which also could’ve been because it was a Tuesday show instead of the usual Friday show). Cavernario still did his insane splash from the top rope to the outside, although believe it or not, this time Volador took the brunt of the blow. So instead of being crippled by 35, he might only be crippled by 37.

I enjoyed this, one of the real highlights for CMLL this year when it comes to singles matches.

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