Volador Jr vs Cavernario (9-30-2016)

Volador Jr vs Cavernario (9-30-2016)

Volador Jr vs Cavernario

September 30, 2016
Arena Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico
CMLL Super Viernes
Reyes del Aire Finals

Holy crap, this was among the most heated matches of the year, and most certainly the best match so far this year in Mexico.

Volador Jr belongs in any conversation of who the best worker in the world is. He was outstanding here, flying around and never once getting tired. And it’s not like Cavernario had to be carried, either. Volador looks and works like Neville, except he’s far more over and is given more time to have longer, better matches. I expect he’ll up his profile in 2017 to where everyone is going to know his name.

This match was straight out of 1981 with the insanely loud crowd, dim lights, and booking. The action inside the ring was very much 2016, and even beyond in some spots. Cavernario took a lot of punishment from some dangerous spots, like a big splash off the top rope onto the outside floor, and the always risky sunset flip to the outside where he landed on his back straight down from the apron. Why oh why do wrestlers do that spot when it’s guaranteed to cause major pain and injury down the road.

Kind of a screwjob ending, where fans thought Cavernario had submitted, but in reality Volador was DQ’d for a low blow on the ref that Cavernario really caused him to do. Really, this match needs to be seen for how intense the fans were in the third fall. It’s too bad this will get overlooked in a year where there have been so many fantastic matches.

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