Volador Jr vs Ultimo Guerrero (1-22-2017)

Volador Jr vs Ultimo Guerrero (1-22-2017)

Volador Jr vs Ultimo Guerrero

January 22, 2017
Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan
NJPW Fantastica Mania Tour

Ultimo Guerrero is such an amazing worker at his age, or any age for that matter. Volador is so criminally underrated as both a worker and seller, and his high spots are world class. These two work together so often that they have it down to a science, and the Japanese crowd was eating it up.

If anything, Guerrero got more cheers, probably because he’s such a legend and these fans are smart enough to know it and respect him for it. If ECW was still around, I could see these guys having a program there and it getting over huge. Volador kind of reminds me of Shaun Simpson, which is an obscure 80s reference, but with the agility and spectacular flying of a revved up Rey Mysterio if Mysterio didn’t have any knee injuries. He’s THE guy right now in Mexico and doesn’t get enough credit for it.

Tons of huracanranas and dives, and if you’ve never seen these men before, they do this every single month at Arena Mexico. It played well here and you really need to see this.

We couldn’t find this match online, so you’ll need to watch it on New Japan World.

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