DIY vs Akira Tozawa & Tajiri (12-28-2016)

DIY vs Akira Tozawa & Tajiri (12-28-2016)

DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa) vs Akira Tozawa & Tajiri

December 28, 2016 (recorded December 3)
Edion Arena in Osaka, Japan
NXT 370 
NXT Tag Team Championship

This was the best match on the Osaka card, even better than the Nakamura vs Joe match that headlined. The crowd was into it because of Tajiri and Tozawa, the latter of whom showed he not only can keep up with these guys, but also that he’s probably better at this point. He will make a solid addition to the cruiserweight division when he finally debuts. Very hard fought match and they definitely didn’t phone it in.

This match is only available on the WWE Network, but here’s a clip:

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