Ricochet vs Johnny Gargano (1-26-2019)

Ricochet vs Johnny Gargano (1-26-2019)

Ricochet vs Johnny Gargano

January 26, 2019
Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, AZ
NXT TakeOver: Phoenix
NXT North American Title

Ricochet and Johnny Gargano, perhaps the two best wrestlers in WWE, had to follow the excellent War Raiders vs Undisputed Era match before them.  And they somehow managed to top it.

In fact, it was among the best matches in company history.  Both are in their prime, and their execution here was graceful and flawless.  It’d be unfair to call it a spot fest, although they pretty much did a series of high spots that will leave your mouth open.  Still, they were done in the context of a great match and the crowd couldn’t have been hotter.  While the moves were insane, the bumps they took weren’t brutal (except for that brain buster on the concrete floor), so let’s hope they can have longer careers than their 90s counterparts like X-Pac who live with nagging injuries today.  It’s the landings that really hurt, and for the most part these two land safely.

Don’t miss this one; it’s full of memorable acrobatics and tremendous near falls.  It’s hard to imagine Ricochet not being a superstar some day.

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