Young Bucks vs Mark & Jay Briscoe (12-2-2016)

Young Bucks vs Mark & Jay Briscoe (12-2-2016)

Young Bucks vs Briscoes

December 2, 2016
Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, NY
ROH Final Battle
ROH Tag Team Championship

This will always be well remembered for the appearance by Matt Hardy at the end (on the video screen), signaling a working relationship between ROH and TNA. It was also the last match just before the Young Bucks signed a two-year extension with ROH.

As a match itself, it was your typical Bucks match, and that’s a good thing. While no one believes the Briscoes wouldn’t utterly destroy them in a real fight, this is pro wrestling. They did all their signature spots, with a crazy finish where the Bucks rained superkicks galore on the Briscoes long past the point of overkill.

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